reNacimiento Tour | Melting Point

‘Melting Point’ will be the first stop of the ‘reNacimiento Tour’.
This second edition of ‘Melting Point’, organized by the ‘Jewellery Department of the School of Art and Design College’ of Valencia (Spain), will take place on May, 8th to 11th.
Some of the pieces that will be shown are…

Andrea Coderch
‘Obsession’ Pendants
silver | red coral | onix | olive wood | japanese lacquer | cotton thread

Catalina Gibert
‘M.A.R.’ Necklace
linen canvas | acrylic paint | water colours | gold
Bone Appétit Series, No.13

Dinah Lee
‘Bone Appétit Series, No.13’ Necklace
14 k gold | sterling silver | silver leaf | cow bone | Italian sea salt | pigment | resin

Izabella Petrut
‘Donkey’ Brooch
plastic toys | silk thread | silver | steel


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