TOUCH | Alchimia Graduation Show’14

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to TOUCH!!
Let’s get ready for this guided visit to this year’s Alchimia Graduation Show.
Please have your eyes and emotions free of any interference.


After Piazza del Carmine, you’ll find a window with the word TOUCH.
Please, don’t do it!!!!
It’s a big window and the hand marks are not nice at all.


Rear the window, you’ll find three tables with different heights.
Main rule to follow the exhibition: A table, a student.
Let’s start with the discovery of the new graduates’ work!!


Lillian Mattuschka


Elena Gil


Carla Movia


How is everything going?
Ready for more??
Here you have a general view to the installation.
On the three first tables on your left you will find the work of…


Amani Bou Dargham


Federica Sala


And… Francesco Coda


A view to the main entrance.
On your left, starting from the higher one…


Daria Borovkova


On the middle, Daniela Malev.
Picture by Robert Weingärtner.


And calling you to come in, the work of María Ignacia Walker.

And last, but not least, two tables in the heart of the entrance of the school with the works of…


Melissa Arias


And closing with this virtual visit, Sana Khalil.

Thanks for visiting with us this exhibition.
We hope you have enjoyed it and that you can join us on the next two stops: JOYA Barcelona in October and SIERAAD Art Fair, Amsterdam in November.

A huge thank you to Elena Gil and her great pictures.

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