“Enhance Colours” Tour_Tarragona

Alchimia alumni collective is on the road again!!!

On May 29th_June 4th we have done our first stop at the Contemporary Art Gallery “Galería Silvestre” in Tarragona (Spain).

This year’s tour has been called “Enhance Colours” as an invitation to bring colours to their limit, an invitation to join us in this celebration of colour and life.

Main pieces and also an installation made of edition pieces by 15 Alchimia alumni were on show.

The participants were Akiko Ban, Andrea Coderch, Catalina Gibert, Claudia Cucchi, Elena Gil, Francesco Coda, María Constanza Ochoa, Margherita de Martino Norante, María Ignacia Walker, Maru López, Melissa Arias, Poly Nikolopoulou, Yuki Sumiya, Selen Özus and Valentina Caprini.

Here we show you some of the pics that Mireia Calaf took during the opening. Gràcies Mireia!!!!




An explosion of “Edition pieces” took the main window and wall of the Gallery.


Bracelet by Andrea Coderch.


The Blue Wall.

From left to right: two necklaces by Akiko Ban, Elena Gil’s work in the center, Maru López and Catalina Gibert necklaces.

claudia + connie

A bit of yellow with Claudia Cucchi necklace and María Constanza Ochoa’s pendant.


And why not?, grey is also included with this two rings by María Constanza Ochoa.

francesco + akiko

A black and white sculptural ring by Francesco Coda and a red necklace by Akiko Ban.


Some more red with this María Ignacia Walker’s necklace, …


this two pendants by Poly Nikolopoulou, …


and these three “Friends” by Selen Özus.


Green pieces by Yuki Sumiya.


And all the colours in these pieces by Melissa Arias.


A huge Thank You!! to Núria Anguren, coordinator of the Contemporary Jewellery programm at the gallery, for her kind invitation, help, hospitality and friendship.


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